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This lovely archipelago of 60 hilly islands and cays (half of them unpopulated) is a world within a world. Here land and sea meet in a beautiful giant mosaic of greens and blues garlanded with the soft coral hues of some of the Caribbean’s best beaches. Yachtsmen worldwide make a beeline for the ‘BVI’ – but don’t worry if your boat won’t fit in your suitcase. Vessels large and small and just about every other kind of watersport are available locally. If you’re a pirate fan then you’ll recall a major scene in Pirates of the Caribbean that was based on what happened on the BVI islet of Dead Chest – where legend says Blackbeard marooned 15 rebel pirates with a survival kit of just a cutlass and a keg of rotgut rum.

Island Adventure
Explore tranquil Tortola’s winding mountain roads for their breathtaking views. Some of the finest beaches in the entire island chain are here; ‘Nature’s little paradise’ - 60 idyllic islands once the hideaway for pirates and smugglers, today offers seclusion for those in search of a romantic retreat.

Nightlife & Party with Locals
Though Tortola has several North Shore and Road Town restaurants serving both West Indian and international fare, neither it nor Peter Island are exactly alive with hot local nightlife (there are a few small clubs in Road Town and some island beach bars).

World''s Best Scuba Dive Sites
Dives off the Sir Francis Drake Channel islands delivers sinkholes and ledges as well as a wide repertoire of caves and canyons. Superb coral formations and an abundance of tropical fish call the Blonde Rock and Painted Walls their home. Most famous of local wrecks is the RMS Rhone dating from 1867 - one of the best scuba diving spots in the Caribbean. The wreck is that of a Royal Mail Steamer which sunk during the hurricane of 1867 with 125 persons on board. At 310 feet long and 40 feet wide, the wreck of the Royal Mail Steamer lies in two main parts in waters between 30 and 90 feet deep. Much of it is still intact and visible, including the decking, parts of the rigging, the steam engine, and propeller.

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