MAURITIUS & SEYCHELLES – Romantic holiday meals, moonlit walks on the beach….

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We’ve got just the romantic holiday for you and your loved one Romantic breaks are a speciality of ours thanks to our superb selection of beautiful and inspiring worldwide destinations that are synonymous with romance, including the Caribbean islands, Mauritius,…

Seychelles – Best of Seychelles

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Denis Private Island, Seychelles

Denis Private Island
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Denis Private Island, Seychelles certainly makes good use of its natural resources and is very much self sufficient.  Poultry is raised for meat and eggs and cattle bred for milk, while all fruit, vegetables and herbs are grown in soil…

MAGICAL, EXCLUSIVE RETREAT – Denis Private Island Seychelles

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MAGICAL, EXCLUSIVE RETREAT A temple in which to share and renew the fruits of love and an endless enjoyment of the moment and all its pleasures. Here, neither time nor convention will intrude upon your tryst of moonlit strolls and…

Denis Private Island – A Romantic Private Destination

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Denis Private Island is without a doubt a honeymoon destination, along with the likes of Fregate Island and North Island.  The Island differs from the others in that it is “a coral island, a flat palm-fringed lozenge of sand… located…

The Luxury North Island Resort, Seychelles

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Encircled by seas of the purest blue, these 100 or so islands lie scattered across the Indian Ocean. Some, of granite, rear dramatically from sea to sky, draped in the rich vegetation and brilliant flowers of the tropics. Others are…


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The Seychelles surrounded by seas of the purest blue there can be these 100 or so islands lie scattered across the Indian Ocean, you’re never far from coral sand beaches and lagoons….one of the most popular luxury destinations for Honeymoons…

MAURITIUS & SEYCHELLES – The Perfect Tropical Islands for you and your partner

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Take a Romantic break for you and your partner either to the Beautiful island of Mauritius, or Seychelles. Whether you choose Mauritius or Seychelles, you will be sure to be surrounded by sandy white beaches and cooled winds, so you…

Seychelles – Stress free Seychelles Holidays

Seychelles Holidays
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Once the ‘Forgotten Islands’, the Seychelles slipped gently on to the international holiday scene in the 1970s.  Today they are a premier leisure destination, chosen by the famous and not-so-famous alike.  Between them they offer infinite variations on a stylish…


One&only_Reethi_Rah_ Maldives
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      Sapphire blue and bathed in tropical sunshine, the vast Indian Ocean is home to some of the most diverse cultures on Earth.  Bordered by the Indian Sub-Continent, Arabia, Africa and the East, these ancient waters have long…