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There are times in French Polynesia when you could imagine you had strayed on to the set of a James Bond movie. Through the window is not the usual house across the road – but a surreal palm-fringed South Seas panorama of blue lagoon waters nuzzling a dazzling white beach, the blooms of frangipani and gardenia, thatched bungalows built over the sea, jagged mountains shimmering on the distant horizon, an outrigger canoe passing lazily by ….or was it a dolphin? Difficult to tell when the sound of the sea is lulling you to sleep.

The joy of being in French Polynesia, of course, is that when you wake up all this is still there! Few corners of the world have a more romantic escapist setting and mood. With Tahiti and Bora Bora being the most well known French Polynesian islands, for couples and family holidays!

The lush landscapes and mood-setting features like lagoons and grottos. The heart-shaped island of Mo’orea makes a wonderful base for divers and snorkelers eager to explore its surrounding barrier reef system. Feeding the massive, sacred eels of Huahine is a one-in-a-lifetime way to experience an important local ritual.


The unique and ubiquitous island of Tahiti is world-renowned for its Polynesian charm, colourful culture and romantic ambiance. The famous Tahitian dance is sure to get your toes tapping and heart thumping, the celebratory vibe of this magical local rejuvenate and excite everyone. The warm water lagoons and ocean tides are host to a rainbow’s worth of colourful marine life, and the food, drink, spas and dramatic nightlife provide an experience to stimulate all the senses.

Bora Bora

The relatively small island of Bora Bora is an activity giant, offering visitors the chance to experience a 4×4 safari, sunbathe and swim at white sandy beaches, dive in a natural underwater park among fish and corals, experience thrilling shark feedings, or circle the turquoise lagoon by boat. Bora Bora is an excellent romantic spot. Fall captive to this lush gem of a Polynesian island by sharing an intimate midnight dinner on the beach.


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