LUX Maldives – the island of rustic tropical charm

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Lux* Maldives Aerial View

Lux* Maldives Aerial View

If you are looking for white sandy beaches, a never ending ocean horizon and a rustic tropical charm, then the Lux Maldives may just be your new getaway destination.  This resort is the only hotel on the island of Dhidhoofinolhu (which is one of the largest in the Maldives) in the South Ari Atoll – this gives the Lux Maldives a truly peaceful and private charm, that many of us don’t have the pleasure of experiencing. This resort attracts high profile visitors due to its private and elite feel.With over 4km of beaches accompanied by quaint water villages, this luxury resort is paradise in every sense of the word. The Maldives isn’t usually famous for its nightlife, however on this occasion, the resort is well known for hosting private screenings on the sandy beaches, and even injecting a bright bang of cheer with pop up musicals. The Lux Maldives manages to pull this off whilst still incorporating a family friendly feel – not many getaways get it as spot on as the Lux Maldives does, so consistently.

The island is surrounded by crisp, cool and calming lagoon, which wraps around the resort and enriches it with beautiful marine life. Many visitors choose to go snorkeling or waterskiing to immerse themselves in the rich sea life that this island has to offer. The Lux Maldives is one of the best getaways for all the family – and we can see why. Keep the kids entertained with the many activities the island has to offer, whilst the grownups unwind under the blazing sun.

LUX* Maldives - Water Villas

LUX* Maldives – Water Villas

Interested in what the Lux Maldives can offer you? Come check out some photos at our website! 

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