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Passengers flying to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Shanghai, Sydney or Melbourne will soon be able to experience the extra comfort on board Etihad’s new fleet of Airbus A380’s in “The Residence” cabin. 


These suites includes Etihad Chauffeur services, an extra wide bed with sliding doors, a tailor-made menu by the on board chef, a 23 inch cinematic widescreen TV and finally… silky cotton duvets with fitted sheets and comfortable lounge wear to make your journey the best one ever!


Not only has Etihad added the world’s first private multi-room cabin on a commercial passenger aircraft, they have also enhanced their first class cabin which has been improved with a chilled mini-bar and a 24 inch TV. Passengers who travel in economy class now have a fixed-wing headrest while business class passengers can convert their seat into a bed…

And it doesn’t stop there! Etihad has also introduced a new Panasonic eX3 entertainment system which includes touch-screen handsets, high definition screens and a noise cancelling headset for passengers to still be able to feel relaxed on board!

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