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Long ago, before we first came to Grenada, we rather naively cherished the notion that it might be nicknamed the 'Spice Island' because of the variety of all there was to see and do. Once you are here, though, it's easy to work out the real reason behind this name. One short walk inland and your sense of smell is being worked overtime by the aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger - to name but a few. As well as being famous for its spices, Grenada is known throughout the Caribbean as the home of some great beaches - the most famous among them Grande Anse - where some of our hotels are located.

Island Adventure

Grand Etang National Park in the island's central highlands has some superb walking trails into the lush surrounding forest. Jeep tours are another attraction. You can add yet more spice with a visit to the spice factory at Gouyave.

Gourmet Cuisine & Dining Out

There are a range of excellent restaurants offering diverse cuisine such as Creole, West Indian, Caribbean and European. A well known dining place in the island is Gary Rhodes' restaurant, located at The Calabash Hotel and it is his only restaurant outside the UK..

World's Best Scuba Dive Sites

Grenada offer extensive and spectacular diving for divers of all skill levels. The island's under-visited sites, including the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, mean you can expect to be greeted by colourful schools of fish, pristine coral reefs and unique varieties of marine life.

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