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Despite more than 200 years of Spanish colonial history, Los Angeles feels young. Chalk it up to Hollywood's demand for eternal youth and beauty. Or maybe it's the city's constant influx of newcomers from Asia and Latin America. But Los Angeles is a dynamic city always on the move. Travellers with families stop off at California's quintessential playground, Disneyland, or one of Los Angeles' many beaches. But before you leave, head to the Walk of Fame and match footprints with the stars in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre.The city's sightseeing highlights will easily fill several days. Allow time to visit Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland.

Los Angeles Adventure

The question in Los Angeles is never what to do, but where to begin. The county is home to many famous attractions in a relatively concentrated space. Your choices include amusement parks, architectural landmarks, art museums and galleries, beaches, parks, hiking and shopping, to name a few. After the sun goes down, you'll find there's an abundance of nightlife options, including movies (of course!), as well as live music and comedy provided by performers both legendary and yet-to-be-discovered. A region of great diversity, you'll discover a world of culinary adventures. Check out the Walk of Fame, where Hollywood honours performers both world-famous and obscure. Reserve a coveted studio audience ticket to see the magic of television being created at CBS Television City. A visit to Los Angeles isn't complete without a day at the beach. Rollerblading bleached blondes and muscle men hang out on Venice Beach - and surfers catch waves at Malibu.

Nightlife & Party with Locals

There's certainly no shortage of places to go after the sun sets in this city. Whether you're looking for the next big comedian or alternative rock band, an undercover celebrity hangout, hip dance club, martini bar, or low-key lounge, you'll likely find it here. The musical performances are wonderful, to be sure, but it's worth attending an evening concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall just to see Frank Gehry's gleaming, metallic venue up close. It's the crown jewel of downtown Los Angeles. West Hollywood enjoys a reputation for Los Angeles' hippest, happeningest clubs. But after a day of travelling, many visitors just head to Venice Beach. There's always something - and someone - crazy to watch, and you can't beat the picture-perfect sunset.

Gourmet Cuisine & Dining Out

L.A.'s dining scene is as diverse as its people, making it possible to indulge just about any fancy here. Ethnic cuisine abounds, from Afghan to Vietnamese, and L.A. foodies keep a combination of the trendy and the traditional alive. Local wines, fresh produce, meats, seafood, and artisanal breads and cheeses all feature prominently in a uniquely California way. Head to Los Angeles' favourite trendy restaurant, Spago for a wonderful A-list celebrity experience. This flagship Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Beverly Hills glows with etched, coloured glass, exquisite landscaping and beautiful people. The menu focuses on seasonal seafood and produce. For a less formal dinner, locals head to Chinatown for a wide selection of plump, savoury dim sum, or dig into authentic Mexican fare on colourful Olvera Street.

World Class Golf Courses

Like actors, the Los Angeles golf scene comes in many different forms. First you have your A-List Courses (world famous layouts) - they are luxurious, visually appealing, and popular with golfers all over the globe. Next you have your Supporting Actors (modern daily fee courses) - these venues are well crafted, well groomed, and take pride in their performance, not their notoriety. Finally, you have your Extras (municipal courses) - you can find them everywhere in the L.A. region, they are reasonably priced, but can be a little shaggy around the edges - still fun to play!

Family Holidays

California has family-friendly fun for every member of your brood, young or old. From theme parks galore with the latest rides and roller coasters, to up-close encounters with animals and history alike, grab the relatives and hit the road for a groovy California getaway!

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