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99% of the Maldives - a nation of over 1,000 islands and sandbanks - is water. Water such as dreams are made of. Every shade of blue you could imagine, and then some, is distilled in the crystal Indian Ocean lagoons that lap these romantic coral islands. If you're Maldives-bound and watersports are your 'thing' then be prepared to go to Heaven. Oh, and there's another 'unique selling point' we should mention. Escapism here is just a matter of stepping out on to your beach terrace or overwater sundeck. Most Maldives hotels stand on once uninhabited islands, each with just one resort. Comfort-loving Crusoes will revel in the Maldives mood of barefoot sophistication. The only crowds here are the shoals of exotic fish - over 700 species - that flourish in the warm tropical seas. Come on in, the water's lovely . . .

Island Adventure

There are no jungles to explore or mountains to climb in the Maldives. Make for the sea. Polish your watersports skills to perfection - or acquire some new ones. We challenge you to find a more perfect setting. You'll expend most of your energy on the resort's main raison d'etre - those fabulous watersports.

Nightlife & Party with Locals

Making a case for coming to the Maldives for their nightlife would be like recommending New York for its tranquillity. Some hotels do offer dancing and island-style entertainment - but otherwise you may have to make do with dining under the stars and moonlight cruises . . .

Gourmet Cuisine & Dining Out

The leading resorts set high culinary standards and tend to serve a range of international, Oriental, Middle Eastern and Indian dishes, with fish a major feature. Maldivian fare is spicy but milder than the food found in some neighbouring countries.

World's Best Scuba Dive Sites

A luxury holiday in the Maldives offer both experienced and novice divers superb underwater conditions for drift diving, wreck diving, night diving and more. 70 species of coral attract a rich marine life, with large pelagics mixing easily with a rainbow array of tropical fish. Most dive sites are in the shallower reefs. Many inter-island channels also offer excellent sport.

Family luxury holiday to The Maldives

Some resorts do not accept young children during peak season (late-December - April), but otherwise it would be hard to imagine a more child-friendly setting than the safe Maldives beaches - though don't expect highly organised children's activities. This page has been created to help you imagine your perfect luxury All Inclusive holiday to The Maldive. Find, on the left of this page, our collection of hotels and start dreaming about your luxury All Inclusive holiday in The Maldives.

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