Luxury Hotels in Morocco

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This page has been created to help you imagine your perfect luxury holiday to Morocco. Find, on the left of this page, our collection of hotels and start dreaming about your luxury holiday in Morocco.

Morocco has historically conjured up images of ancient walled cities, desert-crossing camel caravans, Arab sultans, Berber tribesmen, and mud-walled Kasbahs shaded by tall date palms. The good news is that the Morocco of today can still deliver this, plus much more. The Kingdom of Morocco is large and mysterious enough to infinitely prolong the quest. It has an exoticism all of its own, created by the conflicting influences that have washed against this north-western corner of Africa.

The sun is always shining somewhere in Morocco, and from March to October it is difficult to avoid. Travelling from the cool peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the baking heat of a Saharan oasis, or from the city of Marrakech to the golden beaches, it is a land of striking contrasts, a fantastic odyssey with a thousand and one wonders to behold. Holidays to Morocco are filled with unforgettable travel experiences, great mosques, wonderful palaces, impressive monuments, riads and luxuriant gardens, where the fragrance of mint, drumbeats, general hubbub, shadows and colours mingle ceaselessly. It has an atmosphere combining the most wonderful dreams and the finest traditions of the Orient in the Kingdom of Morocco.