Luxury Holidays to Oman

Oman is one of our favourite destinations and it has established itself as an a highly sort-after Middle East holiday choice for those keen to spice their sun-worshipping with a genuine and exciting new travel destination. The arrival of a growing number of international resort and hotel names has further underpinned this popularity. And the reason for Oman's success in simple; it's the exotic combination of superb scenery, a benign climate, rich culture, stunning coastline and world-class hotels. The Omani people are justifiably proud of their national heritage and traditions, and compelling echoes of ancient Oman are never far away. Awesome desert, mountain landscapes and a magnificent 1,000 mile Arabian Sea coastline provide an excitingly contrasted backdrop for your next adventure. In Oman dull moments simply aren't on the agenda as there are so many options on offer.

Oman Adventure

The immense, awe-inspiring desert landscapes of Oman offer an irresistible invitation to explore. Travel by 4x4 through the Hajar Mountains to Wadi Bani Khalid (famous for its lush oasis, water pools and deep canyons) and the vast Wahiba Desert for an exciting dune drive and the chance to try camel riding. Or travel into the plains of the untamed 'Empty Quarter' in Dhofar. On the coast enjoy fascinating morning and evening trips to watch dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. Oman's warm waters are home to more than twenty whale and dolphin species.


Omani people are incredibly welcoming and will be happy to take the time to speak to you about their culture and customs. Within your hotel and when on hotel-run boat trips, you are able to dress as you normally would. However, when out and about in Oman you will need to respect the local culture. Generally long trousers for men and women need to be covered down to their knees, and their shoulders.

When visiting religious locations, women will be required to be covered to their feet in the form of a long skirt, long-sleeve tops which are not fitted, and keep their hair covered with a scarf. Head scarves can be purchased at Sultane Qaboos Mosque and they will assist you with how to wear it properly and securely.

Nightlife & Party with Locals

Most evening entertainment, such as it is, centres around the hotels, and Oman is not the place for a 24 hour lifestyle.

Gourmet Cuisine & Dining Out

Western food is offered in hotels, while the capital, Muscat has several international options. Omani cuisine has absorbed many Indian influences and there are some good Indian restaurants and snack bars, especially in Muscat's Ruwi district. Lebanese fare is perhaps the nearest you will get to local food in restaurants. Main restaurants and hotels serve alcohol.

Worlds Best Scuba Dive Sites

With over 1,000 miles of coastline, and clean, unpolluted waters, Oman offers exciting diving options, with dramatic wall drop-offs and scenic coral lined fjords, ranging in depth from 6 to 40 metres, and an average visibility of 20 to 30 metres. The many dive sites around the capital include Cemetery Bay, Fahal Island and the Dimaniyatt Islands. The diving is easy, with intact hard and soft corals and a superb range of fish includes dolphins. Night dives are popular.

Alternatively, if snorkelling is preferred, trips out can be booked through hotels and there are some spots such as Turtle Bay which really lives up to its name.

Family Luxury Holiday in Oman

An excellent choice for families, Oman's resort hotels endeavour to meet the holiday needs of both parents and their children, and most beaches are good for the latter. The children will love the guided Dolphins Watch cruise to hopefully catch sight of some of the spinner and bottlenose dolphins resident in these waters. In addition, babysitting services are available all round as well as kids clubs.

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