Luxury Holidays to Thailand

This page has been created to help you imagine your perfect luxury holiday to Thailand. Find, on the left of this page, our collection of hotels and start dreaming about your luxury holiday in Thailand. Choose Thailand for your Far East holiday and you'll get a whole lotta Orient for your money!

It's a teasing and multi-layered country where subtle reflections and enigmatic echoes lurk behind every statement of the seemingly obvious. Spectacular yet serene temples and suicidal city traffic. Tropical beach tranquillity and shopping frenzy in malls and markets. Ancient ruins and contemporary flair. Rice paddies and royal palaces. Spontaneous festivals and sprawling cityscapes. And everywhere those warm Thai smiles that will illuminate memories of your stay.

There are many Thailands. Come just to swim, snorkel and sunbathe. Or to dig deeper into an incredibly rich cultural heritage. Discover the treasures of the ancient Kingdom of Siam. Whichever Thailand is yours, be ready to return for more! Welcome to Thailand. A smiling Kingdom of exotic splendours.

Thailand Adventure

If it's serious adventure you're after then Thailand will allow you to raft spectacular rivers, hike through jungles, visit remote hill tribe villages, explore national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and try your hand sea kayaking. For those less energetic or intrepid there are plenty of 'softer' options, though - from long-tailed speedboat river trips to elephant-back riding amid the forests of the north.

Nightlife & Party with Locals

For keen night-owls Thailand will tick every box and then some! From the famous go-go bars in tourist resorts (Patong in Phuket, Patpong in Bangkok and Pattaya, for example), dance clubs in Bangkok and Chiang Mai to discos, Reggae bars and Irish and other theme pubs in main holiday areas. The Thais themselves enjoy karaoke and bars with live music. Foreign DJs as well as Thai DJs play in the dance clubs. Check out the vibrant nightlife. Many clubs play a mixture of Western dance, rock or other genres, and Thai pop.

Gourmet Cuisine & Dining Out

Its subtle blend of flavours and fragrances makes Thai food irresistible to Western palates Though influenced by the cuisines of neighbouring India and China, it has a distinct personality all its own - rice and noodle-based, with an abundance of seafood dishes. Thailand has some of the Orient's top restaurants - from world-class 5-star dining to excellent low-cost venues and small local kitchens (ideal for a unique Thai dining experience). Sample the delicious Thai cuisine - and enjoy the natural warmth of the friendly smiling people. Thailand offers you all of these, and more. Thai cuisine is definitely worth experiencing during you luxury holiday in Thailand.

World's Best Scuba Dive Sites

Thailand's 1,694 miles of Indian and Pacific Ocean coastlines and its many islands make it a popular dive choice. Pattaya and Phuket, both give access to numerous offshore islands and reefs. The Andaman Sea is notable for reef diving, especially Similan and Surin islands. Other established areas are the islands offshore from Rayon and the East Coast; Koa Tao in the Gulf of Thailand; Koh Samui; offshore Phuket and the southern islands off Trang.

Family Luxury Holiday in Thailand

Their safe beaches and warm waters make Thailand's beach resorts a great family holiday choice. Up-country, the elephant learning centres and gentle bamboo river rafting are always a hit with the kids - while most teenagers will be intrigued by the colourful Thai culture.

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