Anantara Resort and Spa Golden Triangle, Thailand

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About the Anantara Resort and Spa Golden Triangle

Surrounded by the natural beauty of northern Thailand's rugged hill country, Anantara Resort Golden Triangle is a luxury nature retreat set amidst 160 acres of lush tropical jungle overlooking the winding Mekong River and the borders of Burma and Laos. You are invited to explore the vibrant culture of Thailand and South-east Asia at the Thai cooking school, with guided visits to local hill tribe villages, excursions to Burma's colourful border markets and the longtail boat rides up the Mekong to Laos. A deluxe retreat of exceptional charm and a seamless harmony of classical Thai style and modern-day comforts, it offers an unforgettable stay in this beautiful region.


  • Baby Sitting
  • Beauty Salon
  • Boutique/Shop
  • Gym
  • Hair Salon
  • Laundry Service
  • Spa


Deluxe Three Country View Room

  • Wake up to crisp mornings and step onto the balcony for views of the mist rising off the hills of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Lustrous teak floors and brilliant Thai silks accent all 36 Deluxe Three Country View Rooms, but this traditional elegance also comes with the modern luxury of a flat-screen television, an oversized terrazzo bathtub and a collection of additional luxury amenities.



  • Weddings

    What could be more perfect than a Lanna wedding where you exchange rings on a hilltop overlooking three countries. Renew your vows in a land as timeless as your love. Begin your ceremony to the ancient rhythm of a traditional drum in a choreographed elephant procession. Celebrate with family and friends in the lush green majesty of Northern Thailand. Rejuvenate in the Anantara Spa. Ride together into the sunset on the back of an elephant - traditionally Thai. From a stylishly decorated indoor ceremony to an intimate outdoor exchange of vows, Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort will create the perfect setting in which all your wedding fantasies can come to life.

  • Spice Spoons - Anantara cooking school

    Much more than just a cooking class, Spice Spoons offers a rich and interactive immersion in Thailand's world famous gastronomy, renowned for its artistry and unique four flavour balance of salty, sweet, spicy and pungent. Enjoy a guided local market experience, as well as coffee with the locals, a visit to a historic temple to make merit, and a delicious breakfast picnic in the temple grounds. Tour our herb and vegetable garden. Learn about Thai and Northern Thai cuisine' cultural significance and health benefits, indigenous ingredients and cooking equipment, as well as convenient replacements to use at home.

  • Elephant Camp

    Learn to "drive" an elephant at sunrise with mahout training. Watch the playful antics of elephant bathing time in the river. Go elephant trekking through native forests and past picturesque rice paddies. Discover a rare glimpse of traditional mahout life.

  • Walking with Giants

    Journey into the jungle with our elephants and their mahouts on their daily walk, and watch as these gentle giants splash in the river or play in the mud, snack on leaves from nearby branches and socialise with the herd. While you meander together through the forest, you will learn more about elephant biology and behaviour from our resident veterinarian or biologist and discover more about the past, present and hopeful future for elephants in Thailand.

  • Black Ivory Coffee

    Savour one of the world's most rare and expensive coffees, in which the best Thai Arabica beans are digested by our elephants to create almost no bitterness, before being deposited, handpicked and sundried. Then enjoy an aromatic tableside serving experience, as the beans are ground by hand and brewed in the world's most beautiful high tech machine for a clean and flavourful taste. You'll also be helping all of Thailand's elephants with every single cup, since 8% of sales are donated to the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.

  • Rice Planting

    Try your hand at Thailand's age-old rice cultivation methods in our own private rice paddies. As the staple food of Thailand, rice plays an important role in the daily life of Thai people. Farmers ("Chau Na" in Thai) transfer their knowledge of rice cultivation from one generation to the next and through this interactive local activity you will learn the ageless techniques for yourself.

  • Muay Thai Kick Boxing

    Learn to fight with a stealth-like suppleness and powerful strength of mind in the majestic martial art of Muay Thai. Amidst the tranquil grounds, a professional instructor unveils its history and techniques in a full-on hour of training. Become a master in the art of eight limbs, relieving stress and upping your fitness to a new level.


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