The Gambia is really nothing more than a sliver of land surrounding the River Gambia. It is actually Africa’s smallest nation and is home to a population of just 1 million and is almost completely surrounded by Senegal. But despite its size, this country has plenty to offer the willing tourists. Consider Gambia holidays for unforgettable time of life.

As with most African countries, those on holiday to Gambia will be treated to trips into tropical forests where many species of wildlife await them. A part of Gambia borders the Atlantic Ocean and here visitors will find beautiful beaches on which to unwind. There are plenty of activities to do under the warm tropical climate of this tiny West African country.

Savvy tourists will use Gambia as a base from which to explore the surrounding countries. It is not uncommon for visitors to this country to have a two-day sortie into Senegal included in their itinerary.

Gambia Holidays - Sightseeing and activities

Crocodiles, monkeys, bushbucks, hippos and antelopes are just some of the animals visitors will see on safaris into the nature parks in Gambia. There is dense, varied vegetation in these parks and some of them have a part of the coastline within their boundaries.

Two well known reserves here are Bao Bolon Wetland Reserve and Abuko Nature Reserve. To see more of the crocodiles you need to pencil a visit to Kachikally Crocodile Pool in Bakau. Here you’ll see over a hundred different kinds of crocodiles lounging lazily in the sun and the guides will furnish you with all the extra info you want.

If you don’t mind the bumpy skin, you can go ahead and pet the more docile of these reptiles. And if you don’t mind you can leave with a pretty souvenir as well. Bird watchers will want to visit Bilijo Forest Park where many bird species reside in quiet woods. There are also many snakes and lizards there as well as the more common monkeys. Of all of Gambia’s venues, this is one of the best to visit if you’re travelling with your little ones.

At the Gambia River National Park you will get to ride a boat in the great Gambia and also explore the surrounding jungles where you are sure to spot baboons, monkeys. If you’re so inclined you can spend a night or two in the bush under a tent if only to get a taste of what early explorers experienced when they first set foot in Africa.

After the jungle expedition you can relax on Gambia’s scenic beaches, one of which is Sanyang Beach. This section of fine sand and azure waters also has an excellent beach bar where you can get a nice cocktail whipped together for you.

Regardless where from the world you are from, you are sure to find an eatery offering food you are familiar with while on holiday to Gambia. Here there are Thai, Chinese, Indian and other restaurants offering Asian delicacies as well as some offering Dutch, German and other forms of European cuisine. However, it is advisable to stretch your taste buds and try local delicacies such as the delicious Jollof Rice or Chicken Yassa. After all the aim of travel is a new experience. Our Gambia Holidays will definitely etch themselves on your memory.

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