Canada is a massive country but blessed with fascinating landscapes and incredible natural beauty. The magnificent terrain, wildlife, and rich heritage are major attractions for visitors to Canada. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canadian holidays are unforgettable.

Canada Holidays - Sightseeing and activities

Visitors on holiday to Canada will be treated to many marvels of nature, to begin with are the fascinating Niagara Falls: These are three falls stemming from the river Niagara. These are the Horseshoe Falls; the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls.

The Niagara Falls is a great attraction for romantic couples as romance envelopes these enchanting falling waters. From the Niagara attraction, holidaymakers in Canada should visit the sharp pointed peaks and the deep gorges of the Canadian Rockies. Hidden within this chain of mountains are some beautiful valleys that offer breathtaking views.

The Lake Louise is one of these valleys. It is must visit destination for people who go to Canada for holiday destination.The area has diverse attractions. Tourists can come here to sightsee, ski, hike and enjoy other numerous recreational activities. The area has great scenery dotted with glaciers; snow capped peaks and awesome waterfalls. In the midst is the Lake Louise itself; a turquoise lake that is fed from an ancient glacier.

For tourists interested in wildlife, Churchill, Manitoba is a great place to catch a glimpse of Polar bears especially late October and early November when the Polar bears gather and cross the frozen Hudson Bay. In Churchill one is also able to sight some whales; one can even get lucky and see the pure white Beluga whales. Other kinds of whales can be seen in other areas for example in Tadoussac, Québec; here it is possible to see the rare blue whale! Bird enthusiasts also appreciate Canada for the numerous bird species it hosts. This could be attributed to the rich vegetation that spreads over the country.

Another major tourist attraction unique to Canada is the spectacular ‘Aurora Borealis’, commonly referred to as the Northern lights. This magical display that gracefully lights the Canadian sky by night is responsible for making Canada a major holiday destination.
Tourists will want to also tour the famous cities of Canada. Top most is Ottawa Ontario, Other than being the capital of Canada; the city boasts some interesting parks and museums. Other towns are Vancouver and Victoria. These two cities are among the prettiest and cleanest cities in the world. Here tourists have the best of activities offered, from skiing, whale watching to camping sites. The cities have great shopping outlets too.
As in every recreation activity, food is very important. Maybe due to its mixed history, apart from some parts such as the Western and Eastern fringes, Canada does not really have much in its own unique specialities. The food is really good though and one will find foods from all over the world. A common site is the Chinese-Canadian outlets that serve plates to be envied by the natives of Jiangsu. Due to a strong Jewish population, Montreal boasts some delicious Central and Eastern European Jewish delicacies. French-Canadian fare though is the most prevalent across the country.

The mentioned attractions are just a scratch on the surface of the many places tourists on holiday in Canada can visit. Our Canada Holidays will definitely etch themselves on your memory.

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