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Most anyone who has set foot in Cuba comes away singing the praises of Old Havana or Havana Vieja, as the locals know it. Visiting the Plaza de la Revolucion is like stepping into a time machine and being transported back in time to when the Revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara victoriously swept through.
For more reminders of this poignant chapter in Cuba’s history you can visit the Museo de la Revolucion, a museum capturing memorable moments of the revolution which is housed in the palace where the ousted president Fulgencio Batista lived. Here you will see some of the weapons used, historic photos, a waxen image of Che and perhaps the most captivating exhibit, Granma, the ship on which Fidel and his comrades sailed into Cuba to begin their quest in 1956.
History aside, Havana’s seafront walk, El Malecon, is another one of its key attractions. It was initially built in the 1900s and is a great place to walk and sightsee from. A horse-drawn carriage is an excellent way of traversing this coastal thoroughfare if walking sounds too tedious to you. The world-famous Cuba Carnival takes place along this stretch of road as well. This is where the performers and revellers do their parade.
Havana is not the only place that speaks to Cuba’s illustrious history and culture; the colonial town of Trinidad is equally beautiful and laden with buildings showcasing colonial architecture. So much so that in 1988, this former mining and farming town founded in 1513 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Trinidad also has its share of museums, including the Museo Nacional de la lucha Contra Bandidos which has a unique bell tower. While still here tourists can relax on one of Cuba’s best beaches, Playa Ancon.
Cuban’s love their music and it comes as no surprise that there is a wealth of bars and entertainment spots offering revellers live performances by local artists. The Bodeguita del Medio and Bar Monserrate in Havana are recommended for first time visitors to the island for their great ambience and sumptuous cocktails.
For a tour of Cuba’s geological marvels, take time to visit the Cuevas de Bellamar. What you can expect here is an awe-inspiring collection of caverns, stalactites and stalagmites.
Cuba Holidays Events
The most renowned of Cubas festivals, the Carnival, takes place every year in the last week or so of July. This grandiose celebration the country’s multifaceted culture attracts visitors from all over Cuba and around the world.
Our Cuba Holidays will definitely etch themselves on your memory.

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