Have you ever wanted to see a city that is straight from the pages of a fairy tale? One where you can imagine princes, princesses, and knights in shining armour, riding on white horses. Prague is such a city. Prague was founded in 200 BC in the Romanesque era, but gained strength and wealth during the Gothic and Renaissance eras. This gave the platform to the impressive architecture still found in Prague.
Now the capital of the Czech Republic, most of the buildings and architecture survived the multiple wars of history and still stands to this day. Many of these buildings and sites are proclaimed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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Attractions in Prague
Prague Old Town SquareDue to the history of Prague, there are many castles, churches, fortresses and palaces to visit. Prague Castle is probably the most famous castle to visit. The early kings, emperors and leaders of the city all resided here during their reign and had offices here.
Like all the medieval cities, Prague has a lovely ancient Town Square where all the activities in the past took place. The square still exists, containing ancient buildings, shops and restaurants. As with historic times, it is still the heart of the city where the main activities take place. Tyn Church and St Nicholas Church are located on the square Walking through the paved alleys with their cross designs on, tourists will also see the Astronomical Clock in the town square.
Charles Bridge is an imposing bridge built in 1357 and took about 50 years to complete. The bridge crosses over the Vitava River. The bridge is the connection between the Prague Castle complex and the Old Town of Prague.
Prague also has a Jewish Quarter with remains and memorial sites from the genocide of the Jews during World War II.
There are 10 museums in Prague where you can take a tour and discover more of the history if this town. To learn more, you can also visit the Historic Centre of Prague, now proclaimed as a World Heritage site.
Modern Prague
Prague Milunic and Gehry''s Dancing HouseWhile preserving the medieval culture and architecture, Prague also provides modern attractions for tourists. There are many cinemas, galleries and theatres to attend.
Visit the Prague Zoo to entertain the children and learn more about the wildlife in the Czech Republic. You can also visit the Botanical Gardens or Letna Park. Letna Park is a popular outdoor park where you can enjoy a stroll through the garden or partake in sports such as cycling or skateboarding. If you do not have your own equipment, you can rent a bike and join a cycling tour.
Do not miss the vibrant nightlife of Prague with clubs and restaurant. This is when the already busy city comes to life with a new energy. Restaurants offer cuisine for every taste and fancy, but all the menus will still contain the traditional dishes of potatoes, sausages, spicy meat and fish dishes. Transport in Prague
Prague has a modern transport system that connects the city. It is considered one of the best transport systems in Europe. The metro trains system is very efficient and runs on schedule. The system includes trams, busses and taxis and has an airport shuttle service. Conclusion
One can easily see why Prague is one of the most popular cities in the world and why it is an excellent choice for a city break. It faced many ravages of time and arose from each downfall with new vigor and strength. It is a world class Europe destination. All systems are in place and operate with efficiency and pride.

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