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1. What is the minimum stay in the country before our wedding date?

A minimum stay of 3 working days is required for Mauritius, Seychelles, Caribbean & Bermuda and 2 working days for South Africa.

2. What happens after we book?

You should prepare all wedding document photocopies and send these to us as soon as possible.

3. When is the wedding date confirmed?

We will receive a confirmation when the relevant authorities have approved the documents and when the hotel of your choice has confirmed the wedding date. The licence is released normally 2 weeks before departure.

4. What happens if we forget to send the documents?

Our representatives require at least 8 weeks for the legal paperwork. Documents not received within 10 weeks of departure date will therefore incur a courier charge and special licence fees.

5. Can friends and family join the ceremony from outside the hotel?

They are welcome (by prior arrangement) to witness the ceremony. If a special Reception/Gala meal is required for everyone after the wedding we can request a special menu, allowing you to liaise directly with the hotel over the final arrangements.

6. What happens when we get to the hotel?

You will normally be met by the hotel’s wedding co-ordinator on the day after your arrival. They will show you a choice of venues for the ceremony. They will also require the final wedding letter issued to you by us.

7. When will we receive a wedding certificate?

Usually within a couple of days after the wedding. If you are departing within that time our local agent will forward the certificate to you. A small fee applies for postage and extra copies (to be requested in advance locally).

8. Is it necessary to register the wedding after our return?

British citizens are not normally required to do so. However, other passport holders should check with their consulate.

9. How much will it cost me?

When booking with us you will be spending roughly £3000 on your wedding which includes accommodation, a discount for the couple, benefits and international flights and transfers as well as civil wedding arrangements.

10. Who will conduct my ceremony?

Most of our weddings are conducted by a marriage officer; however their title may vary depending on the hotel/resort.